Butterfly ReMix: Processing Code

This program is quite simple really, all that is does is randomly scrub through a video, creating a new video by ‘shuffling’ the frames.

The thing about this code is that if you just plug it into processing it won’t work, what you need to do is add sound, and video files into the data folder, and name them appropriatley. 

You can see that I’ve created variables,  my video file ‘ flyMovie’ and my sound file ‘bee’ , then in my ‘void setup’ I call the sound file by the name they have in the the data folder, and attribute them to the variable.  If you’ve named everything correctly it should work! make sure to install the sound and video libraries as well 



import processing.sound.*;
import processing.video.*;

Movie flyMovie;
SoundFile bee;

void setup() {
bee = new SoundFile (this, “Flight of the Bumblebee Remix – Brian Burrows.mp3”);
flyMovie = new Movie(this, “fly.mp4”);

void draw() {

if (flyMovie.available()) {


image(flyMovie, width/2, height/2);

// credits
// Most of this comes from David Kemp’s video_scrub program
// The rest from the processing reference about the jump. operator
//https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNZ4WCFJGPc Loie Fuller – Danse Serpentine
//https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmSxNxFwIBQ Flight of the Bumblebee RE-mix by Brian Burrows
//https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEto1-ZTbd4 Serpent – BBC Animals
//https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoInyfsySD0 Slow motion Butterfly in flight

Letters To A Young Poet – Processing Code

Letters To A Young Poet – Processing Sketch.

In the spirit and love of open source software I’d like to share the code for my Letters  to a Young Poet  project. Because I could not have completed it without the tutorials and resources I found within the Processing community. That being said, as I have included original credits in my code as comments (in blue), I ask you to please do the same if you decide to share and use this code!  Happy coding, Constance.

All you need to do is download Processing (It’s free!), paste in the code, and you can experience this project as it would be shown in a gallery! Press the Play button, and generate a new poem with every click. (Note that if you don’t have the font ‘Traveling Typewriter’ then you’ll haveto install it, or you could just change the font name in the code to ‘Courier” which is something most computers will have.  

Main Code

float fps = 60;

void setup() {
//size (800, 1100, P3D);

newFont = createFont(“TravelingTypewriter.ttf”, 48);
textFont(newFont, 48);

// Strings and Drawing text – Dan Shiffman
void draw () {


//this controls the colour randomization
d+=1; // The Perlin noise stuff for the colour goes out to Nicolas Kellum https://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/375375
float r = noise(d)*255;
float g = noise(d, e)*255;
float b = noise(d, e, f)*255;

fill(r, g, b);

// x and y starting point
float x= 0;
float y= 0;

String[] s= loadStrings(“Rilke.txt”);
String textHolder = “”;

for (int i = 0; i< s.length; i++) {

translate(0, 0, z); // z axis transformations

text(textHolder, x, y);//text holder thing is from this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUvIzFUR8NQ&t=1216s
textHolder= s [int(random(s.length))];

textSize(random(0.5, 50));


//x y z are the only ones that control location
x=random(0, 800);
y=random(-50, 1100);
z= random(250, -100);
colRed = noise(t);
colGreen = noise(t);
colBlue = noise(t);

if (x < 700) {
line(x, 0, x, 100);
x = x + 1;
} else {


// Saves each frame as screen-0001.tif, screen-0002.tif, etc.
//saveFrame(); //processing tutorial
void mousePressed(){

This is the main tab, I included the variables in another tab in Processing 


PFont newFont;

float t = 0;
float colRed = 0;
float colGreen = 0;
float colBlue = 0;

float omega = random(0, 180);

float z = 0;
float d = 0.0;
float e = 0.0;
float f = 0.0;
float x=0;