Letters To A Young Poet



It's not totally possible to describe this perfectly because many of the phrases overlap visually, but I'll list my favourite snippets from each one ; young people/ with their whole being with all their forces/ beginners in everything/for thr person who loves/don't search for the answers/ it is a great demanding claim on him/ with another person/ loving does not at first mean merging, surrendering/ would not be able to live them

This work is based on a book bearing the same name. It is a beautiful series of correspondence between poet Rainer Maria Rilke and a “young poet” named Franz Kappus, where he asks for advice about poetry, love and life, and Rilke writes back letters that are heartfelt and beautiful.

The passages I found most interesting, and included in this project, are the ones concerning love, relationships and solitude. Rilke states that as young people we tend to clash together into relationships, without thinking, and without retaining our individuality. Instead we throw ourselves into another person, devouring them, and becoming them. Rilke highlights the importance and the beauty of solitude, and of defining yourself as an individual. That every individual in a relationship should not be one half of a whole but rather their own entire person. As a young person this very much resonated with me, because at this point in our lives we tend to feel as if our lives are “incomplete” without a significant other and therefore we feel alone. Rilke reminds us to take joy in our loneliness and our solitude, and to love with everything we have. 

These images were created by way of a Processing Sketch I wrote. I included the text in the form of an array, calling on random phrases individually. The results are hauntingly beautiful “letters”, that have plucked and pasted together forming a unique kind of poetry, an automated, randomized Cento. They are presented on letter sized images emphasizing their connection to letters. My reason for creating random poetry out of perfectly good poetry, is because of my tendency as an artist to absorb content from a source and then regurgitate it in a way that speaks to me very uniquely. 

Here are a few stills taken from the program. 

and have faith in this love/ alost everything serious is difficult/ seek out some simple and true, because love is difficult/ shows the space arond you is beginning/ live your way into the answer/ whocome together in the/ deepened kind of aloneness/ something that chooses him and/ i which course you can't

long long time and gather themselves as if they were locked gradually questions now perhaps you do carry whic could not be given to you now up for you like, Sex is difficult, yes but believe in lovethat is being stored up, in the future, and don't torment them with your doubts and don't frighten them, the point is, for solitude is difficult, a solemn task and gather sweetness, before loving for a long time ahead, gentle with those who stay behind, who are beginning, without even noticing,

they wouldn't be able to comprehend, and calls him to vast distances, have faith that is this love, you will gradually, be confident and calm in a very foreign language

love the questions themselves, to live everything, to become, and be indulgent toward those who are growing old, but those tasks that have been entrusted to us are difficult, Therefore, to live everything, and try to ,surrendering, it is a high inducement for the individual to ripen, they wouldn't be able to comprehend, you can travel as far, have patience with everything

be able to comprehend, serious is difficult, as bees gather honey, so we collect what is sweetest out of things, to live everything, to try to , only in this sense as the task o working on themselves, and don't torment them with your doubts and don't frighten them with your faith or joy, so much before all beginning, like to beg you, be happy about your growth, love life in a form that is not your own

You are so young, when you yourself change again and again, when you see them, almost everything serious is difficult, is solitude, but it is clearn, what would a union be, to sing out with the pain it causes you, solitary anxious upward beating heart, they were locked rooms, or books written in very foreign, alost everything serious is difficult, to harken and to hammer all day

something that chooses him and, the space around you is, when you yourself change, love that is bing stored up for you, entwinded in rocking, unresloved in your heart, books written in a very foreign language, with your doubts, given to you now, a heightened and deepened kind of, to live everything and are, dear sir, perhaps the, for what would, and those who come together, but belive in a love that is being stored

But learning, sex is diffficult, for the song of some future poet, whn you yourself change again, and a blessing no large, something that chooses him and calls him to vast distances, dear Mr. Kappus, ahead and far, the work for which all other work is merely preparation that the space around you is beginning to grow, far in the future, written in a foreign language, in which of course you can't take anyone with you, in which of course you can't take anyone with you, dear sir, it is also good to love, that we must trust

love is difficult, Therefore, and therefore loving for a long time and far into life, it is a great demanding claim loving at first mean, merging, surrendering, and have faith that in this love, and a blessing, and this shoes that the space around solemn task and, in himself for the sake, being with all their forces, in this love there is strength, who are afraid of the aloneness, that you trust, love is difficult, you have in common with them, and to hammer, merging and surrendering

Don't search for the answers, come there is nothing I can say to reassure you, one human being to another human being, seek out some simple and true, love life in a form that is not your own, what you have in common with them, and be gentle with those who, especially blessed and pure way of living, for one human being to love another, who must still for a long long time save and who are near you are far away, loving does not at first mean merging, but learning time is always a long secluded time, dear sir, therefore, sense as the task of work

it is good to be solitary, and have faith in this, but those tasks that have been entrusted, and have faith, and those who come together in the night, that is why young people, loving for a long time, because you would not be able to live them, capable of love:, deepened, perform a solemn task and gather sweetness, dear Mr. Kappus, and a blessing so large, therefore, almost everything serious is and are entwined