Who? Me?


We all have different versions of ourselves mapped out. What you have always wanted to be, people that you have imagined yourself as. 

I take my personality to its extremes, what I love and what I hate, and what I find amusing. Appearence is not an ultimate truth, but a mask donned by ourselves or placed upon us by others

Crawling out from behind the camera to become my own model was difficult and exhausting. It was also very interesting to experience the changeability of my own appearance, examining my obsession with how I am seen by others and if that perception is welcome.

Beauty Queen, 2018

Inspired by Beatrice eli's music video for "girls" this image sepicts the artist in a variety of different "party" outfits, lying on the floor, shot from a bird's eye view,

Girls On My Mind, 2018

An Photomontage depictig the artist inserted into a variety of photo frames, her image is warped and liquified, often to exxagerate percieved flaws

Framed, 2018

Photomontage depicting a dozen different versions of the artist against a yellow background, they are each wearing a different T-Shirt and shouting dramatically

Wearing Every Single T-Shirt I Own and Arguing Over Who Has The Best T-Shirt, 2018

A photomontage depicting images of the artists edited with a fishtail over her legs, as well as edited over the faces of many fish in the background

Under the Sea, 2018

A photomontage depicting the artist as a bareknuckle boxer kneeling after being knocked down, her coach instructing her, and the crowd revelling in her imminent defeat, as well as her opponent, fists clenched, waiting for the bell. .

The Boxer

Photomontage depicting the artist as both the sun, the moon, and the stars.

I am, The Sun, The Moon, and Every Star, 2018

Photomontage depicting the artist as both a worn down housewife, and her controlling husband.

Me and My Husband, 2018